I made another blog

Hello everyone! I made a blog to post my art and I just thought I’d let all my blog friends know The domain is plantspaintandthread.Wordpress.com You kind of have to look at it online instead of just through the WordPress app. I guess you don’t have to but it looks better on there Love you […]

head vs heart haikus

nine to five sunset the new office chair feels nice on my broken back . bag full of tree bark the most beautiful background glued to my canvas . an acoustic love guitar strings hold his big heart muscle memory . I’m feeling the facts emotions aren’t equations this doesn’t add up

stolen words collage

Because aren’t we all just cut out pieces of each other pasted together? This poem is a collage of words from other blogs, songs, yearbooks, movies, etc. Imagine it like an art collage. Taking other people’s stuff and turning it into something new that’s my own. I have a dream The dream that your wish […]

Friday Nights

In middle school I used to cry on Friday nights. It seemed to be the end of the world when I didn’t have anywhere to go but home- But last night I told my friends to go on without me Because I was too tired to watch teenagers make out in a school parking lot […]

Doctors Note

I cannot make it to the funeral for he has broken all my bones. Your lover has hurt me when you were away- I’m trapped in our home with the one who hurt me most. But now I have proof- I’m excused to run away and heal- My bones are still sore but you aren’t […]

Wet Cement

Right now I’m living in wet cement Nothing is permanent and I can still place my hand and write my name in it before it’s dry But what if I spell my name wrong- or what if I accidentally give my hand 6 fingers- And it will be stuck there indefinitely for the rest of […]